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the times; they are a changin ????

lots of people; political, business, private, others also,
are waffling on with their views on the environment.

opinion this, opinion that; every one has an opinion!

opinion is what we have
when we do not have facts and a line of reasoning.

when we have facts and a line of reasoning
we do not offer opinions;
as we have facts!

hello?; hello?; hello?;

is there anyone doing any real thinking
on space ship earth,

that seems to be more like a train wreck
waiting to happen
on a dark and wet
dangerous windy night.

who are our real leaders?

do we have any REAL leaders?

what are we doing?
where are we going?
what are we on about?

are we humans?

or are we just;
mentally and morally
slightly upgraded;


woof; woof; woof;

thus the world “leaders”
talk to themselves in their mirrors.

woof; woof; woof;

we vote for them….

woof; woof; woof;

i write to you now….

animal-istic voter

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