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My own eco sfere

I admire what you do so much. Strong beutifull fierceless women! I want to be like you. I have a son and I want him to have a safe future, a happy and healthy home, living of the earth as nature intended, growing up to be responsable, aware and respectfull but most of all happy. So in my own humble way I write this blog about eco living and the small changes I am doing for me, my family and everyone / everything else that surounds me. Getting a little bit better everyday…and I hope to inspire someone too.


housing and its impact on the envionment

I have been researching composting toilets and was shocked to discover that the refuse from these toilets is still considered “night soil” by our council (shire, local government). Therefore it has to be buried and I need a lot more land than I have for that. So again I need a lot more money to do something right for the environment. Also when a sewerage system becomes available I would be required by law to use it, and stop using the composting toilet. Required by law to do something that damages the environment more.
I still rent while saving to build some sort of place that suits the environment, the law and my budget.
Its next to impossible. I will probably die before I live in my own house.
While renting I watch the landlord remove the solar hot water system (rather than repair it) and then complain about the cost of electricity. I can do nothing. I could waste my savings improving his house, if he gave me permission but he would raise the rent, as the house would then be improved.
So Im stuck here destroying the environment like a good law abiding citizen.
The larger the group of humans the more insane it acts.

Lacerated one

I\\\’m inspired!

A magazine i read today mentioned this website so i wrote it down and looked it up when i got home. Now I\\\’ve been inspired to think about the impact my everyday choices have on the world. I\\\’m realising that so much of what i use is so damaging to the environment. Now I\\\’m going to look for organic products and even if that takes a bit more effort and costs a little bit more it\\\’s better for the environment and therefore benefits everyone. It doesn\\\’t take much to help out mother nature and she is too precious to ignore.
Thanks for your inspiration!

Net-Zero Solar Living…

Hi Daryl,
I converted my families home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no gas or oil out here in Connecticut. We wanted to have less impact on our planet and protect the family from the coming peak oil crisis…We did things that almost anyone can do along with some unique changes that you might not even have thought of…The short film is called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”..I attached the link for you and your followers to view…

All the best,