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talking revolution

hi daryl,

just me,
a world voter passing by,
stopping to register a vote
on your message space to the world.

as follows:

it is very good to see that you are going to fight
in the law courts
over your arrest
at the mountain top removal protest.

we out here in the world know that you will lose,
as the trial is stacked against you.

the government can not afford to let the people have a say
even once,
as the people might get the idea
that they can do it again.

next thing
the people will want to run their own planet;
by taking it back….

you stand on a pedistal
as the ideal of revolution.

if you suceed in the court case;
the people of the world
will know that we can and should
take OUR planet back.

you are our “Neo”.

xo’s always
to my beloved revolutionary


“Neo” number 2

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