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I live in Mingo County WV where mountain top removel is called a highway project where a coal company gets over 9o million tons of coal free,taxfree and the state pays them over $90 million for what is called the king coal highway and now they want to build a school back there 10 miles from the main highway with nothing else around they would move the school site around so they could get the coal free and now the politicains can use it to get water and sewer back there for there houseing projects and we can’t do anything about it when we held elections and voted in new board members the state took us over the Governor put his wife and cousin in the state board the WV attorney general is the attorney for the state board and is married to the asst. state school superintendent our senator from Mingo is the brother in-law of the past state board president and in doing this hurry up school closings here they closed schools before school was out and drilled asbestos with children in the building the four high schools they want to consolidate are good for another 25 years and set with in 4 miles of fire,police and ambulance and this so called highway job has flooded Mingo County twice the last time May 9 2009 we can’t take much more and we don’t need a DEATH TRAP SCHOOL ON THE MOUNTAIN
Donnie Edwards

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