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less possetions is more self

Hi daryl

I have been thinking a lot over the time you and your web site have been influencing me.
You do know that you influence people a lot; don’t you ?
Like you I have always had two sides to my nature; the material comfort side and the non material idealistic side; they have – always – been at war with each other.
Slowly, over the years, first on my own and now more so influenced by you, I have been evolving my lifestlye.
I am pushing more towards less possetions, more towards going vegan – one day, more towards eating raw easier prepared meals, more towards less involvement with objects, more towards being involved in whatever lifestlye I end up evolving into.
I have never really had a lifestyle goal as such, I just keep stripping away the undesireable stuff, on the vague sometimes imagined path towards wherever I am going.
I am nomadic, not as I need no home, but as I have found no home.
I know that life revolves around; people, places and situations; via communication, and that in all my wanderings that I have not found the solution to those puzzles.
I seek, the more so now, having been influenced by you.
I seek, stripping away the undesireable in my life, as my way of seeking, for what is left within myself, that I will ultimately find.
I have no goal, I have no longer even any expectation, for expectations are never fullfilled, if you change upon the path into someone different, to who you were when you set out.
I seek. I change. I seek some more. I change some more. And thus I evolve, towards becoming, someone, something, that will probably have no use to myself except in the being, and be of no use to humanity, except perhaps in my being a possible future street person.
My life is about soul work. And thus I evolve within myself quite simply for the path of evolvement to happen, rather than for my physical existence to matter at all.
I as a person, have a soul, and it is my soul’s evolving that is the issue of my life and my lifetime.
The war within myself will always exist Daryl, just as it will always exist within you, and in the lives of millions of your admirers, but it is a war that my soul is benefiting from, as I walk slowly and strongly away from most of the values that are destroying the planet and the people of the earth.
I thank you very, very, very sincerely for the influences that you have had, and will always have, on my life.


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