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FUEL again

Searchinger was on NPR this morning, explaining his research in greater detail, with emphasis on the potential deforestation nightmare. He did, almost admit that bio-fuel has a place if land use is regulated, or something along those lines. Then maybe you saw our President speak at MIT. The words “sustainable bio fuels”, did actually come from his mouth. In that very order. Did you hear him?
I didn’t know Searchinger was from Princeton. There was a very critical study on corn based ethanol from that school long before his name ever surfaced. Some theory about fertilized corn using too much petroleum. It was debunked, somewhat. Back in like 2002 or so. I think someone revealed that a very small percentage of field corn requires fertilizer? Something like that. They also pointed out that Princeton has recieved millions from the oil industry. It almost sounds like someone in the Obama administration may have had a little talk with this guy and reminded him, that we need to make Bio-fuel a part of the picture.
I hope this is good news.
Thanks Again.
Kendall Linzee

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