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food for thought

Hi Daryl

I was at the beach and saw a shark killed. Isn’t it strange how we swim in the shark’s lunch room, and then blame the shark? Needless to say that the shark was to be eaten too. No doubt someone cut the teeth out to use for a bracelet, for a trophy of cannibalism. When will the human race learn to understand that killing and eating animals, fish, birds, is why wars exist. That lack of respect for life is the basis of all problems on Earth. We are a sad species of killer. We use words like “warrior”, “duty” and “for our country” to cover the truth; that we are a species of mass murderers, who believe we are “civilized”, a word only, as we are so used to blinding our eyes to the truth. The human species has always lived the lie that we are not animals. But who of us is not an animal? That we let the abomination, that we are, continue to exist.


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