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come on people !

all across the world the population is rising

all across the world the pollution into the atmosphere is rising
all across the world the pollution into the oceans is rising
all across the world the earth that nourishes us is getting sicker each day

all across the world YOU people are refusing to change your lifestyles much if at all
all across the world business activities are making things worse on this planet every day whether it be socially or environmentaly
all across the world the governments are doing very little about anything except for inconsequential words

we will not be able to eat words when it all falls apart

try it, bite a book, and see if man’s world of knowledge, the god of facts, can replace the world of nature that has nourished us as a species since our
beginings from the source

untill we; black, yellow, brown, red, white
untill we; hindu, buddhist, jew, christian, muslim
untill we;
all stand and pull together
we stand as a species for a better deal for all;
untill we;
the people
yes YOU
stand together

there will be no future on earth
past the hell
we are making
for us all;
each other

kim joanne

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