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I Am a Horse.

You know me. We’ve known each other since you were just a child. Remember the pony rides at the Field Days? Remember Fury? And Flicka? And Silver? And Trigger? And Black Beauty? And me and my brothers and sisters at the Fair? And that little… Read More »I Am a Horse.

We …

Hi DarylEveryday we see how disposable we ´ve become, millions of technological waste and consumism getting to awefull proportions, we don´t need half of the things we´re buying , we´re all brainwashed with advertisings and marketing , we kill our natural resourses with big cars… Read More »We …

Observer magazine interview

Just read interview with you in British Observer magazine-Ethical issue-and it was just great!found this website through it-and just want to say I\\\’ve been vegan for 25 years now,and been ecofriendly when it was not fashionable ,I used to get told I couldn\\\’t use my… Read More »Observer magazine interview

Your Products

I really like some of the products you’ve displayed on your site. My wife and I have started a company devoted to selling high-end eco-friendly and natural goods. I will be checking back to see what else you carry on your site. Derrick Packer Owner… Read More »Your Products


I live in Mingo County WV where mountain top removel is called a highway project where a coal company gets over 9o million tons of coal free,taxfree and the state pays them over $90 million for what is called the king coal highway and now… Read More »Parent

way above your head

way above your headis the jet streamcircling the earth from which particlesof dust, pollutents & POLLENfilters down all scross the earth’s surface thus GMO pollen from Hawaiisucked up into the jet streamwill eventually mutate all life on earth including your ancestorsyet to be conceivedbabies think… Read More »way above your head


you are wonderfull!!!! xos me