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Hey I was out back fixin my neighbors car this afternoon and I heard Daryl Hannah on KPFK, talking about some Bio-diesel event. A concert? I think, and some other kind of Bio-diesel users event. Sounded like there would be some folks I’d like to talk to. I’ve done a few conversions, recently updated my diesel fuels systems training etc. I’m really not buying this food vs. fuel stuff. The Timothy Searchinger article, that the NRDC uses to argue against first generation Bio-fuel. Basically corn based Ethanol. Then he goes after the switch-grass, land use etc. It just sounds like his models are bit too broad in scope and overly skeptical if not downright pessimistic. People refer to that guys article as though it were the last word on Bio-fuel. Then there’s what should be, in theory, and then what the workers, actually get done. It just never seemed all that impossible to me, that we can find a low carbon way to make renewable combustion engine fuel. Twenty three years ago, I had an 85′ Fiat Panorama, when we lived in Brazil, that ran on E-100. It was just a little 1.3 liter but on that stuff it ran like a turbo charged 1.6. When it comes to combustion engines, America is pretty addicted to the V-6. Not exactly sure why? Some bhp/marketing thing??
Anyway I’m rambling cause I don’t see America reducing it’s CO2 levels soon enough, by waiting around for Lithium Ion powered throw away culture to get the job done.
New Turbo Diesels burn ULSD much cleaner, I’d love to hear what folks who’ve been running B-100 or whatever, in these engines have to say. I know what most Audi and VW mechanics say, but don’t know any who really care about the planet. If it were up to me I would have a variety of Bio-powered experiments running and increasing the need for Domestic, cleaner, renewable fuel. I’m not anti-electric or Hybrid, I just don’t see that stuff coming thru fast enough. People would often say to me” yeah well Ethanol or Bio-diesel, bla,bla bla, but that’s just a temporary, or bridge to what’s really going to da da daa”. Well we we need that damn bridge now. Clearly people don’t give a shit unless you make it easy for them.
I hope this event is after 3 o’clock on Saturday or some time Sunday. If any of your Bio-fuel mechanic friends need help or are willing to talk about their latest conversion, you could let me know. My alternative fuels class at Trade Tech was kind of a bust. Mostly about Natural gas, LPG. and Hybrids. They are getting more serious about Bio- diesel. Finally.
Kendall Linzee

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