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Week 1 – New Processes

The cost of operating a biodiesel plant could soon be going down, and hopefully the savings will make their way to the pump.

Green Star Products International (GSPI) of San Diego says it has developed technology that can cut the time required to convert raw materials into fuel from hours to minutes. GSPI is modularizing the processing machinery at a factory in Idaho and landed a contract to sell 90 units to De Beers Fuel Limited of South Africa.

GSPI is building three processing plants in the U.S., but if the technology is as good as advertised, we should see dozens more in the near future. In the last week alone new biodiesel plants were announced in Virginia, Washington, Mississippi, Missouri, and four in Wisconsin.

Biodiesel costs 75 cents more per gallon at the pump, according to the Energy Management Institute, so a more competitive price would surely spur demand. And a new report says increasing biodiesel output could create thousands of jobs and prevent money from leaving the country.