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tell KFC to stop trashing the amazon


KFC have refused to agree to, or even comment on, a ban on the use of soya grown in deforested areas of the Amazon.

McDonald’s and other food companies have made a big commitment to help protect the Amazon by instigating a moratorium on Amazon soya, so why can’t the Colonel?

The moratorium will only succeed if we get as much support as possible, so getting a company the size of KFC and its parent company, Yum! Foods, involved is vital. They can put pressure on their suppliers and insist on a complete ban on chickens fed on Amazon soya as well as other Amazon soya products.

Encourage KFC to sign up to the moratorium and make a pledge not to buy chickens fed on Amazon soya. Please email David Fitzjohn, KFC’s Managing Director for Europe, and tell him to stop trashing the Amazon.

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