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Dear Buffalo Friends,

Nine bull bison are currently in the Duck Creek bison trap, located just outside of Yellowstone’s western boundary. The Department of Livestock says they intend to send these bulls to slaughter.

According to an email received from Yellowstone National Park today, “The park’s current best estimate for the bison population remains between 2300 and 2100, with the lower end of that estimate probably being the most realistic.”

This drastic blow to the bison is a result of a combination of intense slaughter, hunting, quarantine, winter kill and highway mortalities, and the population cannot sustain any more slaughter.

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED if we are to save the lives of these bulls. Please contact the following Montana decision-makers and urge them to let the bulls go!

* Marty Zaluski, Montana State Vet #406-444-0782 * Hal Harper, Governor Schweitzer’s Chief Policy Advisor #406-444-5546 * Mike Volesky, Governor Schweitzer’s Policy Advisor for Natural Resources #406-444-7857

In mid-April, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer announced in a press conference that NO MORE buffalo would be sent to slaughter this season. A few days later, the DOL sent three bull bison to their deaths. Due to the winter’s severe slaughter and the uncertainty of winter kill bison, the population may well be below 2,100. Under the Interagency Bison Management Plan, the agencies are supposed to use non-lethal methods when the population is at or below 2,100 animals.


Please spread the word to save the herds! Contact the decision-makers above, and please send this email to all your friends, family, colleagues and co-workers. We stopped the slaughter of 300 bison last year, and we can save the lives of these nine bulls if we keep the pressure on.

Roam Free! Buffalo

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