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american horse slaughter goes to mexico!

San Bernabe
 March 12th, 2008

 Horrific horse cruelty in Mexico

U.S. horses are free from slaughter in this country since the closure
of the last 2 slaughterhouses, but they are now barbarically
slaughtered in Mexico.

Since a ban to transport live horses from the
U.S. to Canada and Mexico for the purpose of slaughter is still
pending, our horses are moving rapidly over the borders.

It is imperative for U.S. citizens to lobby for immediate enactment of the
AHSPA, and support efforts in border states to stop transport of
slaughter-bound equines.

Be it an American or Mexican horse, what matters is the sadistic
method used to slaughter these intelligent animals.

A brief description of the horse slaughter: “The American mare swung her head
frantically when the door to the kill box shut, trapping her inside.

A worker jabbed her in the back with a small knife seven, eight, nine

Eyes wild, she lowered her head and raised it as the blade
punctured her body around the withers, again and again.

At the 10th jab, she fell to the floor of this Mexican slaughterhouse, bloodied
and paralyzed but not yet dead.

She would lie there two minutes before being hoisted upside down from a chained rear leg so her throat could
be slit and she could bleed to death.

The mare was one of nearly 30,000 American horses shipped to Mexican processing plants this year”

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 Open letter to the President of Mexico

President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa
United Mexican States

Dear President Calderon:

It is with extreme repulsion and sadness that I saw photos and videos
of  how slaughter is performed in horse slaughter “plants” of San
Barnabe.  Old horses, young, healthy, sick, pregnant mares…none
escape the inhumane, indeed barbarian deaths at the hands of cold
hearted butchers.  It seems that in your country there is an extreme
lack of humanity!

Dear Mr. President, however much in need of income the people of San
Bernabe might be, nothing in this world can justify so much
barbarianism and pain inflicted on defenseless animals. Horses, after
a life of service to their owners, are discarded in San Bernabe to
meet with unspeakable deaths.  In the third Millenium, such
barbarianism is no longer acceptable in any civilized society.

Europeans are the main consumers of horse meat, but they surely are
not aware of the horse slaughter monstrosity and lack of hygiene of
San Barnabe.  It is imperative that the European Parliament, and their
public become aware of how tortured their meat was since there are
still people in this world with a minimum of human decency.

San Bernabe is giving Mexico a very bad reputation in the
international community. Please be informed that I will not be
visiting Mexico until horse slaughter is banned, nor will I be
purchasing any products made in Mexico. This information has been sent
worldwide to friends, family and groups that I participate. They in
turn, are also sending this information to their friends, relatives
and internet groups.

Please do the moral thing and stop this barbarism.


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cc:   Media, Tourism agencies worldwide, European parliament



Help end the barbarianism in San Bernabe.