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Alaska Zoo Board Selects New Home for Maggie

Anchorage, AK ・amp;nbsp;  The Alaska Zoo Board of Directors in a unanimous decision selected the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in San Andreas, California as the first choice for a new home for Maggie, the Alaska Zoo痴 lone African elephant.  The preliminary decision will be finalized after a site visit to the PAWS facility by Zoo officials and a mutually acceptable agreement is reached between the two facilities.
We anticipate an agreement to be reached within two weeks and will proceed with the effort to relocate Maggie prior to winter.  The offer of $100,000 by an anonymous donor will not be part of the agreement.     

The PAWS・elephant facility – ARK2000 is a 2,300 acre facility with 75 acres dedicated to its African elephants. PAWS staff is well versed in introducing integrating new elephants into their group.  Maggie will join four other African elephants at the facility.  The facility has 24-hour veterinary care, a 20,000 square foot barn equipped with a Jacuzzi for the Africans.  PAWS is experienced in transporting elephants and has successfully relocated six elephants in the past three years.    
Dick Thwaites, board president, said this has been a time-consuming and complex process and the board believes, in choosing PAWS as Maggie痴 new home, they have selected the best possible facility for her.  撤AWS will be able to provide Maggie with the companionship of African elephants in a well-equipped facility with plenty of room to roam.・ 
Paws founder Pat Darby states the 撤AWS directors and staff are pleased to hear of the Alaska Zoo痴 decision.  Maggie will be a welcome addition to our group of African elephants who range in age from 25 to 40 years old, and we will begin preparations immediately for her relocation, arrival, socialization with new human and elephant companions.・amp;nbsp; 
With an agreement in the works, zoo staff will continue to concentrate on relocation preparations:
・amp;nbsp;   Maggie was examined by an outside elephant veterinarian earlier this week.  She is in good health, continues to heal and was given clearance to travel.
・amp;nbsp;   The Alaska Zoo will continue to 田rate・train Maggie utilizing her treadmill until the traveling crate arrives.
・amp;nbsp;   The PAWS and Alaska Zoo staffs will work in conjunction to coordinate the relocation logistics including ground and air transportation, the animal transport team, veterinarians and staff required for the move.     
In the meantime, we will continue to provide Maggie with the highest level of care possible and encourage everyone to appreciate and enjoy her.